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Battlefield Health Care


Military Type Ambulance

Military truck ambulance, patient transportation equipment,
life support medical equipment

For more information download Military Ambulance (.pdf)

Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units on trucks or semi trailer. Blood bank unit,
Mobile operating room-clean room-lab semi trailer, Mobile ICU,
dental units, X-RAY and CT scan semi trailer

For more information download Mobile Medical Units brochure (.pdf)

Medical Unit Tents

Medical Unit Tents for patient selection and
small operating procedures

For more information download Medical Unit Tent (.pdf)

Field Hospitals

Field Hospitals with tents and ISO expandable or single container.
Complete suppoert equipment gensets, medical gases, NBC protection.

For more information download Field Hospitals brochure (.pdf)

Medical Module Systems

Medical Evacuation module, quik installation in Cargo Aircraft,
Helicopters, Ships and Trucks

For more information download Medical Module Sytems Catalogue (.pdf)

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