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Special Forces Defence Systems


Jamming Systems

Multi frequncies powerfull jamming system.
Against remote activated bomb, GSM com., GPS navication systems,
WLAN, radio communications.

For more information download Jamming Sytems Brochure (.pdf) De

Lethal Small Ground Unmanned Vehicles

Lethal SGUV with explosive load and visual guidance system
for use against tank, military vehicles, installations

For more information download Lethal SGUV Brochure (.pdf) Decoy Military Vehicles

Inflatable decoy military vehicles.
The decoy vehicles reproduce the same visual,
thermal and radar signature of real targets.

For more information download Decoy Military Vehicles Catalogue (.pdf)

Special Forces Support Material Kits

Various material collections Kits for Special Forces.
Tactical trauma, Survival kit, Water treatment kit,
Lighting kit.

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